What Are The Dates Processing Equipment?

There will be a lot of dust and impurities on the surface of the freshly harvested dates. If they are sold directly without processing, they may not be sold at a good price. It may also be unsalable, so dates processing equipment is essential for date palm producers. Dates can not only be washed and sold directly, but can also be processed into date paste, date powder, date pulp, etc. Processing different products requires different machinery. So what are the dates processing equipment?

Date processing equipment includes date cleaning machine, date palm drying machine, date palm grading machine, date palm pitting machine, date palm paste making machine, date palm cutting machine and so on.

Specific description of dates processing equipment

  1. Date cleaning machine: The equipment uses a bubble generating device to clean the residual pesticides on the surface of jujube, and at the same time, it can add an appropriate amount of bactericide to disinfect and fix the color.
  2. Jujube grading machine: through sorting, grading is carried out according to the maturity, size, variety, etc. of red dates, so that the uniform grade and size are uniform.
  3. Date palm drying machine: It is used to dry dates and remove the moisture in the dates for storage and other processing.
  4. Date palm de-pitting machine: It is used to quickly remove the date core of the date palm without damaging the date palm surface, saving labor and time.
  5. Date palm paste making machine: It is a grinding machine that can grind various fruits and vegetables into paste, which can be customized according to the output.
  6. Date palm cutting machine: Simulate the principle of manual cutting, cut dates into shredded dates.
  7. Date palm packaging machine: It can be divided into vacuum packaging and weighing packaging, both of which can be selected according to needs, accurate weighing, and intelligent processing.

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