How Does The Dates Sorting Machine Work?

Date palms are relatively abundant in Middle East countries, and the processing of date palms is also an issue that everyone pays more attention to, because processed dates will bring more profits. Therefore, many of our customers come to inquire with this intention Price our date palm processing machinery. Most of them are date sorting machines, because jujube sorting is a waste of time and labor costs. This problem can be solved by using date palm sorting machine. So, how does jujube grading machine work?

The working principle of dates sorting machine

This dates sorting machine uses the control of the diameter gap to sort the grade size of small fruits. The diameter size is from small to large. It will continue to move forward until it falls into a lower-sized basket, sorting the size and grade one by one without hurting the fruit. The sorting speed is fast, the efficiency is high, manpower is saved, and the work efficiency is improved.

dates grading machine function

The fruit is poured into the elevator hopper and transported to the top of the silicone belt, and the appropriate apertures in order from small to large fall into the receiving tank, and are discharged from the discharge port, so as to complete the even separation of various sizes and specifications, and the grading aperture can be adjusted. The equipment consists of three parts: the lifting part, the silicone belt and the frame. The machine is mainly made of tensile, tear-resistant, and anti-aging silicone materials. At the same time, it is equipped with a stop bar, so that the fruit placed horizontally on the silicone belt is moved forward, so that the grading effect is more accurate, so as to achieve the ideal effect.

This equipment is improved and perfected based on our many years of fruit sorting experience and customer feedback and suggestions. It can more accurately sort various jujubes, hawthorns, seabuckthorns, lychees, sugar oranges, kumquats, cherry tomatoes, etc. A variety of small fruits and vegetables, and widely favored by large customers. Applicable to: fruit and vegetable planting bases, fruit and vegetable processing plants, fruit farmers, orchards, fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping warehouses, fruit and vegetable processing companies, fruit and vegetable supermarkets, etc.

Do you know anything about the date sorting machine? Do you want to start a date palm processing business? If you need it, you can contact us at any time. We have all kinds of date palm processing machinery.

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