On-site Guarding

Local on-site operation guidance can be provided

Mobile Guarding

If you have any questions during use, you can provide telephone guidance.

Remote Guarding

According to the situation of the problem, we can go to the scene to guide.

1.Professional Team

We focus on technological innovation, are committed to solving customers' problems in the dates processing process, design products suitable for the application characteristics of the dates processing industry, and provide the most cost-effective dates processing solutions and application methods.

2. Manufacturing Excellent

By investing in advanced equipment for date processing, such as automatic fiber laser cutting machines, various CNC machine tools, welding robots, etc., we insist on design and production. We have established a perfect quality management system for date processing equipment, and passed the ISO9001 certification in 2015. Advanced date palm processing equipment and perfect quality control system provide the basic guarantee for the production of high-quality date palm products.

3. Customized Service

We adhere to the customer first, always pay attention to customer needs, and provide customers with pragmatic and personalized date processing solutions. We are always committed to reducing investment costs and bringing greater value returns to our customers. We provide 24-hour pre-sales consulting services, users put forward their own date processing needs, we provide suitable machinery and equipment according to user needs. If it is a new business, we can also provide factory design planning, as well as date palm production solutions, always insisting on customer satisfaction as the goal.

4. Installation And Commissioning

We always implement a turnkey engineering model to design and manufacture date processing machinery according to customer needs, including equipment installation, commissioning and initial operation. After smooth operation​​, the "key" of equipment ownership and management rights is "delivered" to the user in accordance with the contract, and the user can run it after obtaining it.

5. Operation Guide

We provide you with on-site or online operation guidance services, provide comprehensive and high-quality services, and allow customers to smoothly control the operation of date processing machinery. For the important production parts of the equipment, hand in the production materials one by one, guide the customer to understand the name of the inspection date processing machinery parts, the measures to be taken in the event of an emergency in the production situation, and explain the operation process, as well as the date equipment cleaning and maintenance methods.

6. After-sales Guarantee

When users encounter difficult problems or are in an abnormal state during the use of date processing equipment, they can communicate with us by fax or telephone. After confirming the customer's problem feedback, we will arrange professional technicians to guide the user to troubleshoot and solve the problem. If the problem cannot be solved online, we will arrange relevant technical personnel to be present to solve it. Just to let customers buy with confidence and use with confidence.

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