Industrial Date Palm Paste Production Line In Date Paste Processing Factory

Production line introduction

The industrial date palm paste production line is obtained by washing the dried dates, preheating, beating, grinding, filling and other processing procedures. In the entire date palm production line, the whole process is automated to solve the problem of labor time and cost. Essential equipment for date palm paste processing plants. We are a solution provider for date paste processing equipment, guiding your date paste processing business to success.

Scope of application

Suitable for all kinds of dates







Process flow

1.Date palm cleaning

Remove impurities from the surface of the date palm

2.Date palm warm up

Put dates in a jacketed pot to heat and emulsify

3.Date palm pulp

Peel and beat the preheated dates

4.Date Palm Grind

Further grinding of the beaten dates

Working video

Core Equipment

date washing machine

Date Palm Cleaning Machine

The date palm cleaning machine can remove the dust on the surface of the date palm. It is made of stainless steel and has a long service life. It will not pollute or damage the surface of the date palm, and can clean the date palm in batches. Whether it is the deep processing of dates, or the necessary equipment for pre-processing.

date pulping machine

Date Pulping Machine

The date pulping machine uses a single-channel date pulping machine. The motor is driven by a belt to make the scraper installed on the spline rotate at a high speed. When the crushed dates enter the date pulping machine through the feeding port, the juice and meat quality of the dates will be reduced. From the sieve hole, it is sent to the next process, and the skin and core of the date palm are discharged from the slag hopper to achieve the purpose of automatic separation.

Production Line Advantage

1. High Degree Of Automation

The date palm paste processing production line has a high degree of automation. Each machine can work alone or with the production line. We can match different machines according to the needs of customers.

2. Realize customization

The machinery can provide different processing equipment and the output of different processing equipment can be customized according to the needs of the customer's processing technology. The customer only needs to provide the output that they want to process.

3. Energy saving and emission reduction

The date palm heating machine can adopt the electric heating method, and the heating efficiency is high, the heating speed is fast, and the advantages of less electricity consumption and no pollution can be achieved.

4. Provide solutions

Whether it is a new or old business of date processing, we can provide you with date processing solutions, plant settings and equipment selection.

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