About Us

Dates processing equipment is one of our fruit and vegetable processing businesses. As a date processing solution provider, it mainly provides digital processing solutions for date processing enterprises. The products cover the cleaning and processing of dates, the grading and processing of dates, the pitting processing of dates, and the processing of date pastes.

Making Date Processing Easier And Safer

Our date processing business is based on the accumulation of more than ten years in the our date processing industry. It has its own strong date processing machinery technology research and development center, a perfect service system, and a deep understanding of customer needs.Our date processing business is committed to the Introduce advanced technology and bring it to consumers with excellent quality and high-quality service, provide competitive fruit and vegetable processing solutions for global medium-sized date processing companies, help customers improve their date processing capabilities, and help customers realize date products. and enterprise value.

Our Corporate Culture

Our purpose and values

We have been working hard and advancing continuously in innovation, and adhere to good values: principle, responsibility, overall view, integrity, customer first, passion, teamwork.

Our Mission And Vision

Making food production easier and safer ,To be a trusted brand in the food industry.

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Our average customer rating is 4.8 / 5
I received the date palmer and put it into production. I want to show you a video of it in action. The machine is running well, thank you very much for your patience and efficient cooperation!
Claudia Taylor
We have received the date palm washing machine, which is now installed and used. It runs smoothly, it is the machine we want, and we are very satisfied with your equipment. Looking forward to the next cooperation.
Winston Oliver

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