Industrial Dry Dates Palm Cutting Machine

Small size and easy to move; high work efficiency; output can be customized.


Introduction Of Dry Dates Cutting Machine

The dry dates cutting machine can quickly cut the dates into date pieces, and the high-quality blades make the cutting speed and efficiency high. And dry dates cutting machine will not pollute the dates, and will not change the color and taste of the dates.The date palm cutting machine has a simple structure setting, is light in size, easy to use and move, and is a multifunctional cutting machine.

Features Of Date Palm Cutting Machine

1.Made of stainless steel, the date palm cutting machine has a long service life and is easy to clean.

2.Small size, small footprint, easy to use and store.

3. The date palm cutting machine is a multi-purpose machine that can cut a variety of materials.

4.According to the needs of jujube processing, the cutting size of the jujube can be adjusted.

5.The height of the kitchen knife can be adjusted according to the needs.

date palm cutting machine

Advantages Of Dry Dates Cutting Machine

1.The dry dates cutting machine can be used alone or in combination with the production line.

2.The date palm cutting machine has a compact and complete structure, and will not produce noise pollution during cutting.

3.Datepalm cutting machine can be used in many occasions, such as restaurants, canteens, schools, hotels and so on.

4.The date palm cutting machine can replace manual work, saving time and effort.

5.The dry dates cutting machine can provide operation guidance, as well as pre-sale and after-sale service, and the quality is guaranteed.

How The Dates Cutting Machine

The date palm cutting machine is mainly composed of a frame, a conveyor belt, a vegetable pressing belt, and a tower wheel speed regulating mechanism, and the cutting length of the date palm can be adjusted arbitrarily within a certain range. Because the vertical knife simulates the principle of hand-slicing dates, the pressing belt system is upgraded to a gantry structure. Therefore, the size of the cut material is more accurate, and the remaining tailings are less. The processed surface of the cut date palm is smooth and regular, and the cut date palm is well organized and kept fresh.

Parameters Of Dry Dates Cutting Machine

Model capacity Electric motor conveyor Dimensions Number of vertical knives Cutting length
GG-JL660 100-600kg/h 0.75kW 217mmx1195mm 900X430X880mm 330/600min 1-25mm

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