Automatic Date Cubes Cutting Machine Dates Crushing Machine

The material conforms to the national food safety standard; it is suitable for dicing a variety of preserved fruits.


Description Of Date Cubes Cutting Machine

The cutting surface of the date cubes cutting machine is smooth and without scratches, no knife is attached, the thickness and thickness can be adjusted freely, the cut pieces, strips, and wires are smooth and uniform, without breaking. The date cubes cutting machine is a multi-functional vegetable cutting machine, which can be used for various Cut fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, kelp, greens, peppers, etc.

Features Of Date Cubes Cutting Machine

1.The date cubes cutting machine runs relatively smoothly, and will not vibrate and cause noise pollution during operation.

2.The date cubes cutting machine can adjust the machinery according to the needs of the date palm processing and dicing.

3.The date cubes cutting machine can replace manual dicing, and the thickness and thickness of the cut can be adjusted freely.

4.The dates crushing machine is made of stainless steel, which is easy to use and maintain.

5.The dates crushing machine has a wide range of applications and can cut a variety of fruits and vegetables. It is a practical machine.

dates crushing machine

Advantages Of Dates Crushing Machine

1.More environmentally friendly, the dates crushing machine is powered by electricity and will not pollute the environment.

2.The degree of automation is high, and the cutting of the dates can be completed only by putting in the cut dates.

3.The dates crushing machine is made of stainless steel, which will not pollute the dates.

4.The lifting height of the knife holder can be mastered according to the vegetables to be cut.

5.The date cubes cutting machine can work with the production line, and can also work freely on a stand-alone machine.

The Working Principle Of The Date Cubes Cutting Machine

The date cubes cutting machine is mainly composed of a frame, a conveyor belt, a vegetable pressing belt, and a tower wheel speed regulating mechanism, and the cutting length of the date palm can be adjusted arbitrarily within a certain range. Because the vertical knife simulates the principle of hand-slicing dates, the pressing belt system is upgraded to a gantry structure. Therefore, the size of the cut material is more accurate, and the remaining tailings are less. The processed surface of the cut date palm is smooth and regular, and the cut date palm is well organized and kept fresh.

Parameters Of Dates Crushing Machine

Name capacity Electric motor conveyor Dimensions Number of vertical knives Cutting length
Date Cubes Cutting Machine 100-600kg/h 0.75kW 217mmx1195mm 900X430X880mm 330/600min 1-25mm

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