Jujube Processing Machine With Jujube Pitting Machine

Can pit a variety of dates; high work efficiency; stainless steel material, long service life.


The Introduction Of Jujube Pitting Machine

The jujube pitting machine is a machine made of stainless steel. The high-quality materials make it have a long service life and strong corrosion resistance. The jujube pitter work efficiency is relatively high, which greatly shortens the processing time of jujube, and the jujube pitting machine can also reduce labor costs. Only one person can complete the operation, and various fruits can be pitted by adjusting the mold. The jujube processing machine is a time-saving and practical machine.

The Characteristics Of The Jujube Pitter

1.The jujube pitting machine is made of stainless steel, which will not pollute the jujube, is lead-free and non-toxic and meets the national food safety standards.

2.The jujube pitting machine has a wide range of uses. It can pit a variety of fruits and fruits and can achieve the effect of one machine for multiple purposes.

3.The jujube pitter is mainly powered by electric energy to achieve the effect of energy-saving and environmental protection.

4.When the jujube pitting machine removes the core, the surface of the jujube will not be damaged, and the original appearance of the jujube will still be maintained.

5.The jujube pitter machine has a high degree of automation. It only needs to put the jujube in to complete the jujube de-pitting work.

jujube pitting machine

The Advantages Of The Jujube Pitting Machine

1.The jujube pitting machine is small in size, easy to move and use.

2.The jujube pitting machine can be matched with the production line memory flow operation to reduce a lot of labor and time costs.

3.The jujube processing machine can achieve the effect of one machine for two purposes. It can cut the jujube in half while de-pitting.

4.When dealing with different materials, the mold of the jujube processing machine can be adjusted to complete the operation.

5.Different types of machinery can be provided, and operation guidance services can be provided.

The Working Principle Of The Jujube Pitting Machine

The jujube pitting machine removes the pits from cherries, plums, peaches, and apricots by rotating toothed disc rollers and rubber rollers to obtain lumpy pulp. The build after denuclearization will not change the original appearance.

The Parameters Of The Jujube Pitting Machine

 name model Specification power Voltage output weight
Jujube Pitting Machine


GG-YZQH-17 640×640×1350mm 1.5KW 220V 100kg/h 400kg

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