How Do Dates Get Pitted?

The pitted dates tastes very good, can be used as a snack, and will be loved by many people. The de-pitted dates are very sweet to chew, and have a unique flavor, a bit like caramel, so it is also called the candy of nature. For date producers, pitted dates may be a good business opportunity. So how do dates get pitted? Below is a brief introduction to everyone.

Benefits of pitted dates

  1. It has good nutrients
  2. Rich in Antioxidants
  3. May Improve Bone Health
  4. Helps improve intestinal digestion and absorption
  5. Condiments suitable for food
dates pitting machine

The processing method of pitted dates

Date pitting machine is a kind of large and small date machine, including a feeding part and a processing part. It is composed of a feeding wheel, a feeding tray and a slideway. The denucleating mechanism in the processing part consists of a processing container with a date inlet port on the upper end, a date meat outlet, a material clearing port and a date core outlet, a punch and a driving punch to press the date. The axial direction of the processing container is composed of a connecting rod and a disc that run up and down; the slideway is installed obliquely, and its upper end is connected to the feeding tray and the lower end is connected to the date inlet on the jujube processing container; Corresponding to the clearing port.

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