How Are Dates Pitted Commercially

Dates pitted commercially is to use dates pitting machine to remove the core of the dates, which can improve the efficiency of dates processing and is welfare equipment for dates processing plant.

Dates pitted is the most common type of date processing plant. Whether the dates are made into date powder, date paste or directly processed into date snacks for sale, the dates must be pitted first. So,how are dates pitted commercially ? For a date processing factory, dates pitted is also a very difficult job, and it will be time-consuming and labor-intensive if it is done manually. Using a dates pitting machine is the best choice for a dates processing plant, which will be introduced in detail below.

The benefits of pitting dates

The dates pitted are convenient for later deep processing, and can be processed into date paste, date pulp, date powder, etc., or directly pitted dates for packaging and sales, which will increase the selling price of dates. And the pitted date palm is more popular, and it also prevents the child from swallowing the date palm when eating the date palm. Therefore, the dates pitted will have a good long-term development prospect.

Dates Processing Machine Steps

In the dates processing plant, all the dates pitting machine are used. Just put the dates into the machine, and the dates pitting machine will automatically complete the work of de-pitting, and the output of the date palm kernel machine can be adjusted according to the processing. needs to be customized. Can do the core effect and the core cut half effect. The rate of pitting and residual pitting is extremely low, and the shape of the dates is not easily deformed after pitting.

dates pitting machine

1. Place the dates pitting machine steadily, and connect the power according to the configuration of the machine’s electrical box.

2. Fill the water tank with mineral water or boiled boiled water.

3. Just turn on the water control switch on the distribution box, and set the water spray time value according to your own situation.

4. Pour the prepared dates into the hopper, it is not advisable to pour too much, just a quarter of the hopper.

5. The closer the size of the dates is to the size of the mold chain, the more suitable it is. If the date palm is too small, it is necessary to adjust the stainless steel baffle in the feeding hopper. Come to fine-tune according to your own material test machine situation. Do not enter two dates in one hole.

6. Open the switch on the distribution box to operate.

How are dates pitted commercially is to use the dates pitting machine, the operation steps are very simple, you only need to follow the above steps to realize the rapid de-pit of the date. Do you want to start a date palm business? Contact us if you are interested, we will provide you with date processing solutions and the equipment you need.

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