How To Make Dates Caramel Sauce

Dates caramel sauce, as a food condiments or condiments, is very popular in life today. The reason is that dates caramel sauce can replace fructose, which are rich in cellulose and other vitamins and minerals. So, are you very interested in this food? Below, Xiaobian leads you to see how to make dates caramel sauce.

The production process of making dates caramel sauce

The production steps of dates caramel sauce generally include the following processes: raw materials → washing → picking → pre -heating → removal of pulp → fine grinding → concentrated sterilization → filling.

During the processing process of dates caramel sauce, the required machinery includes: dates cleaning machine, dates picking belt, dates fever machinery, dates pulp machine, dates grinding machine, dates sterilization machine, jujube sauce filling machine, etc.

Specific processing details of making dates caramel sauce

  1. Put the dates in the cleaning machine, and then clean the jujube to remove the bubble cleaning machine. It can be removed.
  2. The cleaning jujube is cleaned and softened by preheating jujube.
  3. Taber the dates to remove the slurry, turn dates into dates, and remove the dates of the coconut dates.
  4. Perge the dates and fast coconut dating sauce.
  5. Jives sterilize, you can remove the moisture of dating sauce and go out of the bacteria in the dates.
  6. Put the dating sauce, processed dating sauce, and use canned to the bottle.

In fact, starting a dates caramel sauce processing business is very simple. You only need to tell us your needs, and we can customize specific solutions for you according to your needs.

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