How To Grades Of Medjool Dates?

The dates we often see in the market and supermarkets are basically the same size, including in the market, when merchants place the dates, they are also classified according to the size. However, the different sizes of dates The price is also different. How to grades of Medjool dates so many dates when they are harvested? What are the grades of Medjool dates?What are the grades of dates?

What Are The Grades Of Dates?

  • U.S. Grade A, refers to the quality of a cultivar of whole or pitted dates, of good color, nearly uniform in size, with few defects, and of good character.
  • U.S. grade B, refers to the quality of whole or pitted dates, with the exception of whole dried dates of a single variety used for processing, of fairly good color, fairly uniform in size, free of defects, and of fairly good character.
  • U.S. Grade C, is the quality of whole or pitted dates used for processing, other than whole dried dates, which are of a single variety, or date slices or macerated dates with a reasonably good color, other than date slices In addition, the size is fairly uniform or impregnated dates, fairly defect-free, with fairly good properties.
grades of medjool dates

Obviously, the higher the grade of Medjool dates, the more expensive it will be to sell, and the A-grade dates need to be uniform in size. In order to quickly grade of medjool dates, it is necessary to choose a date size grades of medjool dates machine. Before use, adjust the  grades of medjool dates according to the approximate size of the Medjool dates . When the Medjool dates are put in, the Medjool dates will be automatically classified by the grades of medjool dates and fall into different size boxes, which is very convenient and easy to use. fast.

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