How Dry Dates Are Produced In Dry Dates Processing Plant?

Compared with fresh dates, dried dates have higher trace elements, cellulose and calories. In general, dried dates have more nutritional value. So, how dry dates are produced in dry dates processing plant?

Generally in daily life, the way we dry dates is to put the dates under the sun, dry them in the sun for a long time, and then evaporate the moisture of the dates. Although this method is more environmentally friendly and low-carbon, it is not an available method for dry dates processing plant, because the drying time is relatively long, and the weather is unstable and the drying is uneven.

dry dates processing machine

Nowadays, with the development of industry, in order to solve the above processing problems, the industrial date processing equipment, the dry dates processing machine, has been invented in the drying date processing plant. The date drying box is a very intelligent date processing equipment. When drying dates, its temperature and humidity can be freely adjusted and set, and the hot air circulation system is used to make the dates dry. Heat evenly. And the dry dates processing machine heats up faster, the drying effect is good, and the cost is relatively low. It is an ideal equipment that saves time, labor and money in the drying date processing plant.

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