What Is Jujube Tea Good For?

Jujube tea is a tea drink made of jujube as the main raw material. Jujube can enhance human immunity, protect the liver, and have anti-allergic and anti-cancer effects. It is a kind of tea that is very suitable for health preservation. So, What is jujube tea good for?

jujube tea benefits
  • Jujube tea is good for sleep
    Jujube tea has long been used in Chinese herbal medicine to promote sleep. This makes sense because the flavonoids and saponins in jujube fruits and seeds have been shown to have sedative properties. In fact, one study found that these two phytochemicals derived from jujube seeds had a sedative effect on mice and increased sleep duration.
  • Can relieve human stress
    For the same reason that dates promote good sleep, they can also help manage stress.
  • Can improve skin
    Fresh dates are rich in vitamin C, which not only helps protect the skin from solar radiation, it also plays a vital role in collagen production.
  • Can Help Digestion
    Teas, soups and purees made from dates have traditionally been used to promote healthy digestion. A study examining the effects of jujube extract in hamsters found that it can speed up gastrointestinal transit time and help maintain concentrations of short-chain fatty acids that may help support overall gut health.

There are so many benefits of jujube tea, everyone quickly develop the habit of drinking jujube tea for health.

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