Are Medjool Dates Fresh Or Dried?

There are about 1,500 varieties of dates grown all over the world, and they are suitable for growing in warm climates and suitable conditions, such as in California, Arizona, Florida and the Middle East. Medjool is one of the most popular dates due to its large size, soft texture, thick meat, and unique flavor that makes it very famous.

Medjool dates are dry on the outside and look like they have been processed through a drying process. So, are Medjool dates dry or wet? In fact, Medjool dates are fresh fruits. They look very much like dried fruits. Many people go to the baking area of dried fruit stores to buy Medjool dates. In fact, this approach is wrong. In fact, after harvesting from the date palm trees, Medjool dates are cleaned, sorted and packaged immediately, not dried and other processing, so Medjool dates are fresh dates, not dried fruit dates.

fresh dates vs dried dates

Fresh Dates Vs Dried Dates

There are certain differences between fresh dates and dried dates, which are reflected in four aspects: shelf life, calories, nutrition, and fiber content.

  • For the first time, in terms of shelf life, fresh dates have more water, so they are prone to deterioration in a short time. Generally, the shelf life of fresh jujubes is 8-10 months; while dried dates have less water, if stored properly It may be kept for about five years.
  • Secondly, dried dates are better in terms of heat, because dried dates have less moisture, higher sugar concentration, and higher calorie content. If you want to control your weight, try to eat fresh dates. According to the survey, compared with fresh dates, dried dates have about twice the calories of fresh dates under the same weight.
  • Fresh jujubes have a lot of vitamin C, while dried dates are rich in iron and calcium, and dried dates are rich in more protein and carbohydrates than fresh dates.
  • Finally, the cellulose of dried dates and fresh dates is also different. The cellulose content of dried dates is higher than that of fresh dates, which can relieve the stomach more.

Therefore, whether it is fresh dates or dried dates, each has its own benefits. Eating more dates will also help your body.

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