How Are Dates Processed In Dates Factory In Dubai?

Date palm processing is very popular in Dubai. There are many dates in Dubai. However, dates have a variety of processing methods. They can be directly cleaned and packaged in gift boxes and sold as gifts. Date powder, etc., then how are dates processed in dates factory in dubai?

At the dates factory in dubai, the first step is to remove any dust or debris from the surface of the dates. The date palm can be treated with a date palm cleaning machine, which can effectively remove impurities such as dust and hair on the surface of the date palm.

In the Dubai dates factory, dates are processed differently according to their size. Through size grading machinery, the smaller fruits are graded on the production line and then processed into a paste. Pack larger and store for export. For further processing such as date paste, date paste, date powder, etc., the process is slightly different and requires some additional steps, namely a 30-minute heat treatment. After heat treatment, the date palm is subjected to a series of steps such as grinding, emulsification, sterilization and filling.

The dates factory in Dubai basically processes the dates described above. If you want to start a date processing business, you can contact us. We are a manufacturer and exporter of date processing equipment. Date shredders, date paste production lines, date pitting machines, date graders, etc. We can also provide solutions to help your date processing business succeed.

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