Are Dates Grown In Australia?

Dates has high nutritional value, and also has many processing methods, which can be processed into Dates sauce, Dates pulp, Dates powder, etc., and can also be eaten directly as snacks. Therefore, dates have great business opportunities in the market. Are dates grown in Australia?

Global date production is almost exclusively a northern hemisphere industry, centered in North Africa and the Arab countries. However, over the last century, date production has been introduced to a number of new world locations, including the United States, South Africa and Australia.

Each year, Australia imports 5,000–7,000 tonnes of dates. Given that date palms have been successfully grown in several locations in Australia for over 100 years, there appears to be potential to establish a commercial date industry in Australia. Date palms should be managed carefully as it has the potential to become a weed in some areas.

Date growers in Australia are eyeing the export potential of one of the world’s most expensive dates, but are struggling to achieve high yields. Yellow Barhi date is a special variety known for its unique properties, it can be eaten in the khalal stage, fresh and crunchy, which most other dates do not have.

Therefore,dates are grown in Australia, and other dates processing industries can be developed to drive economic development. If you want to do dates processing business, you can contact us, we are professional to provide you with dates processing and production solutions and equipment, from plant design A series of services to production.

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