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High degree of intelligence; and multi-language setting; can be used as a counting machine.


Introduction Of Dates Packaging Machine

The dates packaging machine is a combined scale packaging machine. The dates packaging machine is highly intelligent and can automatically complete the entire production process of feeding, measuring, filling bags, printing dates, and product output. And dates packing machine‘s precision is relatively high, the manual only needs to set the weight of the package, and the dates packaging machine will automatically weigh and measure. Weighing is efficient, does not break, and can be customized according to the output of packaged dates.

Features Of Dates Packing Machine

1.The dates packaging machine adopts computer control mode, which saves labor and has high efficiency.

2.The dates packing machine adopts a stepping motor, which is quiet in operation, stable in action, and long in service life.

3.The stable 10-bucket structure of the dates packaging machine and the high-precision sensor enable the correct measurement to be realized instantly.

4.The feeding hopper can be adjusted according to the size of the dates, and the dates will not be damaged.

5.The opening and closing speed of the hopper door can be adjusted to avoid jamming the dates.

dates packaging machine

Advantages Of Dates Packing Machine

1.The dates packaging machine has a wide range of uses and can pack a variety of materials for puffed food, potato chips, candy, pistachios, raisins, rice balls, meatballs, peanuts, biscuits, jelly, candied fruit, etc.

2.The dates packaging machine can be set in multiple languages, which is more convenient to use and clearer.

3.Made of stainless steel, The dates packaging machine not only has a long service life but also is easy to clean and maintain.

4.This dates packing machine can not only weigh but also count particles. For granular materials such as dates, it can be used as a counting machine.

5.The operation of dates packing machine is relatively stable and will not produce noise pollution.

The Working Principle Of The Dates Packaging Machine

First, the dates are sent to the storage hopper by the material conveyor, and then the main vibrating machine vibrates to discharge the dates from the storage hopper and feeds each line vibrating disc. Among them, adjusting the height of the storage hopper can adjust the thickness of the date palm falling. Dates come out from the main vibrating machine and enter into each line vibrating plate evenly. The vibrating material of the line vibrating machine enters the feeding hopper. The weighing bucket completes the weighing work and combination again.

Dates Packaging Machine Parameters

Model GG-A10-1.6 GG-A10-2.5 GG-A10-5.0
Voltage AC110/220V AC110/220V AC110/220V
Power frequency 50/60HZ 50/60HZ 50/60HZ
Rated current 8A 8A 8A
Power 1.5KW 1.5KW 1.5KW
Weighing heads 10 10 10
Weighing range 3-6500g 3-6500g 50-6500g
Single weighing range 10-1000g 10-1000g 10-1000g
Weighing volume 1600ml 2500ml 5000ml
Max weighing speed 70p/min 70p/min 70p/min
Preset number 100 100 100
Machine length 1050mm 1050mm 1050mm
Machine width 900mm 900mm 900mm
Machine height 1330mm 1330mm 1330mm
Machine weight 330KG 330KG 330KG
Monitor 9.2inch 9.2inch 9.2inch
Precision ±0.3-3g ±0.3-3g ±1-5g

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