Industrial Fruit Dates Pulping Machine

Stainless steel material, long service life; small size, easy to move; wide range of uses.


Dates Pulping Machine Introduction

Industrial fruit dates pulping machine is a machine with a small footprint, high work efficiency and wide range of use. The dates pulping machine can crush a variety of vegetables and fruits, and is indispensable equipment in the processing of industrial sauces. The fruit pulping machine is made of stainless steel, which has a long service life, low failure rate, and easy maintenance and cleaning.

Fruit Pulping Machine Features

1.Made of stainless steel, the dates pulping machine has a long service life and will not pollute the dates.

2.The fruit pulping machine is small in size, easy to move and easy to operate.

3.The dates pulping machine can achieve the effect of automatically separating the peel and core of the date palm.

4.The speed of the mechanical beating can be adjusted.

5.The dates pulping machine can replace different screens at will to obtain different thicknesses of finished products.

Working Principle Of Fruit Pulping Machine

The motor is driven by a belt to make the scraper installed on the spline rotate at a high speed. When the crushed dates enter the machine through the feeding port, the pulp receiving tray evenly distributes the material to the scraper and the screen. Due to the rotating action of the scraper and the existence of the lead angle, the date palm moves along the cylinder to the outlet end, and the moving trajectory is spiral, and the date palm is affected by centrifugal force during the movement between the scraper and the sieve cylinder. After being scraped, the juice and meat (which has been slurried) are sent to the next process through the sieve hole, and the skin and seeds are discharged from the slag hopper to achieve the purpose of automatic separation.

Dates Pulping Machine Parameters

Name model output Voltage power
Dates pulping machine


GG-KW-DJ1-0.12 50-120kg/H 380V 1.5Kw
GG-KW-DJ1-2.5 1-2.5ton/H 380V 4Kw

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