How Are Medjool Dates Processing And Pitted?

In the processing of Medjool dates pitted is an important process. Whether it is processed into date paste, date powder, or date pulp, the pits of dates must be removed before subsequent grinding. Do you want to know how are Medjool dates processing and pitted

Manual Removal Method Of Medjool Dates Core

  • You can use a hard bamboo skewer to de-pit the dates. First take out a date, pass the bamboo stick through the head of the date palm, take out the bamboo stick, and then pass it through the tail of the date palm, the date palm can be easily taken out.
  • You can use a straw-like shape with a hollow center and a relatively rigid straw. Take out a date, pass the straw through the head of the date palm, the date palm will run into the straw, pull out the straw, you can see that the date palm is taken out.
Medjool dates pitted

Medjool Dates Pitted In A Medjool Dates Processing Factory

In the date palm processing plant, the date palm de-piping machine is used to de-pipe the date palm. The de-nucleating speed is fast and the de-nucleating efficiency is high. The stainless steel material is used, which will not affect the taste and color of the date. There will be no damage to the date palm surface, maintaining the integrity of the date palm. It obtains the pulp by removing the pits of the date palms through rotating toothed disc rollers and rubber rollers. A variety of fruits can be pitted, such as: cherries, plums, peaches, apricots, etc., and also has the advantage of being small and easy to move.

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