How Are Dates Cleaned And Packed Use Palm Dates Processing Machinery?

With the development of the economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, dates can not only be further processed into date paste, date powder, etc., but also processed into casual snacks for consumption. The dates are cleaned and packaged, and then sold directly. The packaged dates we usually see in shopping malls, supermarkets, and snack shops are all picked from trees and then cleaned, packaged and processed. So how are dates cleaned and packed use palm dates processing machinery?

How Are Dates Cleaned Use Palm Dates Processing Machinery?

The date palm cleaning usually uses a bubble cleaning machine, which can remove the dust and harmful substances on the surface of the ginger and date palm. If a bactericidal substance is added, the date palm can also be sterilized and disinfected, paving the way for the subsequent processing of the date palm. This bubble cleaning machine uses a bubble generator to make the dates roll in the water, simulating manual actions, and rubbing and cleaning the dates. The average hourly output is at least 500 kilograms, which can be customized according to the processing needs of dates.

How Are Dates Packed Use Palm Dates Processing Machinery?

How Dates Are Packaged

Date palm packaging usually includes cardboard box packaging, plastic packaging, metal box packaging, flexible packaging, degradable packaging and other packaging methods. Different packaging methods are aimed at different customer groups. The more common date palm snacks in our daily life are packaged in flexible packaging or plastic packaging, and those in box packaging are given as gifts.

Date Processing Machinery For Packaging

Our common soft packaging for dates can be packed with pillow bags. It is an intelligent and controllable machine. It can set the weight of each bag to be packaged and can detect whether the bag is open, closed, or not. The packaging film and the date palms packaged will be wasted. And it can also be used as a counting machine, you only need to set the parameters you want to achieve automatic counting. It is a relatively intelligent and practical machine.

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