Which Country Dates Are Best?

As one of the most valuable fruits in the world, dates are of great commercial and economic importance. It can be eaten as food, can also be used as sugar and wine, and has a wide range of uses. The quality of jujube depends on different environmental conditions. The geographical location of each country in the world is different, so the climate is also different. However, Which country dates are best? and there are many types of jujubes produced, so it is difficult to distinguish the best jujube. quality dates.

There are many countries where jujubes are grown. Among them, the countries with the most jujube planting include Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Algeria, Iraq, Sudan, Oman, Libya, etc. However, jujubes are also grown in strange countries, such as China The number of Xinjiang red dates is relatively small compared to ten countries.

Which country dates are best?

What Are The Types Of Dates?

  • Barhi
  • Barhi or Barhee is one of the most famous types of dates, with thick flesh and rich flavor. It is more delicious when eaten fresh than dried.
  • Thoory
  • Thoory or Thuri is famous in Algeria and has wrinkled skin ranging from brown to red. It is usually pitted and stuffed with nuts and sold as a casual snack.
  • Halawi
  • Halawy, Halawy or Halwa, is a very sweet date, its small size and very soft, which explains its name, which means “sweet”.
  • Medjool
  • Medjool, Medjul or Madjool is a sweet, soft date with a fibrous texture and an amber to reddish-brown skin. It grows in Palestine, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.
  • Khadrawy
  • Khadrawy or Khadrawi is a soft orange-brown to light-brown date that is considered one of the best in texture and taste, preferably when eaten fresh.
  • Deglet Noor
  • Deglet Noor is named “Jujube of Light”, so named because the center of the jujube looks golden or pale in sunlight. It is sweet and semi-dry.
  • Fard
  • Fard or Fardh is a well-known dating type in Oman. The seeds are small, the skin is tender, sweet, and the skin is dark brown.
  • Zahidi
  • Zahidi is a sweet semi-dried date with a smooth golden skin. Medium size, cylindrical, thick flesh, full of syrup, suitable for storage.
  • Dayri
  • Dayri or Derrie is a soft, long red date. Its color turns brown, then black, soft and sweet.
  • Zaghloul
  • Zaghloul is a dark red peeled date popular in Egypt. It’s long, crunchy and very sweet.

Which country dates are best? In summary, there are many types of dates, each with its own advantages and highlights. Each type of date can be processed differently. If you want to know more about date processing, please contact us , we have solutions for date processing.

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