What Dates Cleaning Equipment Is Used For Cleaning Dates?

Dates are brown and oval fruits with a sweet taste. The dates we buy in supermarkets and shops are all cleaned and processed. Otherwise, if the dates are exposed to the wind and the sun on the date trees, there will inevitably be a lot of them. dust. For date palm growers and date palm sellers, how can their own dates be more competitive? In the market, what cleaning equipment is used to clean dates?

For date processing plants and date planting, manual cleaning of dates wastes time and reduces efficiency, so there is a bubble cleaning machine that can solve such problems. The dates cleaning equipment uses a bubble generator, which makes the date palm roll in the water, which can remove the dust and stains on the date palm surface. Dates cleaning equipment is convenient and efficient dates cleaning equipment. And its material is made of stainless steel, which has a long service life and can achieve the advantage of one machine with multiple uses. Dates cleaning equipment can not only clean dates, but also other fruits and vegetables. This equipment is used in many date processing plants.

dates cleaning equipment

Another type of dates cleaning equipment is the flat roller brush cleaning machine, which uses the dual action of brush and spray to make the date more clean, especially for the fruit with a less smooth surface such as the date. Nice choice. The rolling brush can make the date palm roll forward automatically, and can clean the uneven surface of the date palm.

The two dates cleaning equipment introduced above, The dates cleaning equipment is best to use the two date washing machines together to achieve better results. We are a manufacturer of dates cleaning equipment. If you need a dates cleaning equipment, you can contact us and we will provide you with machinery. Equipment and pre-sales and after-sales services make your date processing business easier.

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