How Do You Wash And Dry Dates?

Date palm is a very sweet food. It can replace chocolate as a dessert. In addition, it also has high nutritional value. However, these nutritional values may be lost due to improper cleaning, but they must be eaten early. After washing, even if it has turned into dried fruit. So how do you wash and dry dates?

When we buy the dates in the supermarket, they look smooth and beautiful on the outside, and the citrus is cleaner. In fact, it needs to be cleaned more because it is added with preservatives. The dates are kept for a long time or the appearance is damaged. Layers of fruit wax, if eaten directly, may be harmful to our body. So how do you clean up this substance?

  • Substances applied to fruit may be waterproof. You can only remove them with a soapy solution. To soften and dissolve the preservative, soaking for 3-5 minutes is sufficient.
  • During the soaking process, you can rub the fruit with a sponge or toothbrush – this will prevent them from developing hard spots. Excessive force should be avoided to avoid damaging the peel.
  • After soaking, the dates should be put into a sieve and rinsed with strong cold water.
  • After washing, the fruit must be dried immediately. Spread them out on a wafer towel or napkin and cover with the same material. Wipes need to be replaced.
  • Allow to blow wet dates with cold air. It is necessary to ventilate the fruit for 10-12 hours, even after mechanical drainage.


how to dry dates

Dates have a lot of nutritional value when they are fresh, but what is even more surprising is that dried dates have more nutritional value, higher sugar content, higher cellulose, and dried dates are easier to preserve than fresh dates. So how do you dry dates?

When drying the date , it should be placed in a well-ventilated room, and the temperature should be kept between 30-35 degrees. Using this method, the moisture of the date palm will be lost, and the surface will dry evenly without cracks. . The most important thing to note is not to adjust the temperature of the date drying equipment to a very high level in order to save the time for drying the dates, which is a wrong approach. This wrong approach will not only make the date look unattractive, but the taste of the date will also change substantially. So be sure to control the temperature when dry dates.

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