Dates Processing Line Customers From Saudi Arabia Come To Our Factory For Inspection

On the afternoon of June 28, a customer of the dates processing line solution from Saudi Arabia came to the factory to inspect the machine. The customer expressed satisfaction with the overall effect of the program and also put forward some suggestions and ideas. In the communication with various personnel of our company, the customers highly affirmed the products and services of Gelgoog.

This customer-customized dates processing line includes a date cleaning machine, a date cleaning machine and a date drying machine, etc., which can effectively remove the dirt, impurities and uneven parts on the surface of the date, making it look smoother , bright and attractive. Effectively reduce the number of bacteria on the surface of date palms and reduce the food safety risk of dates due to microbial contamination. And can improve the overall quality and market competitiveness of dates, thereby increasing the market value and sales of products.

We are experts in dates processing line solutions, aiming at customer needs and providing customized solutions. Provide a series of pre-sales solution customization, equipment manufacturing, commissioning, installation and other services, as well as post-sale maintenance support services. If you also intend to process dates, you can contact us at any time. We have all kinds of date processing equipment, which can help your date processing business to be more successful.

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