Dates Powder Processing In Dates Processing Plant

Dates powder is made from dates as raw material and adopts advanced dates processing technology. The dates has a strong aroma and pure taste. It retains the nutrients of dates to the greatest extent, and is rich in various amino acids, vitamins and minerals necessary for the human body. High nutritional value and use value.

There are many applications of dates powder, including: convenience seasoning, baked goods, fruit powder granules, ice cream, ice cream, jelly, fruit juice, solid beverages, milk beverages, etc., so dates have high use value. So how is dates powder processing in dates processing plant?

Dates powder processing home version practice

  • Peel the dates and wash them, then put them in the sun.
  • Put the sun-dried dates into the drying oven, the oven temperature is 100 degrees Celsius and then dry for 50 minutes.
  • Grind the date palm dried with ginger in a grinder to obtain date palm powder.

Date powder is processed in a date processing factory

When processing dates powder in the factory, due to the relatively large output, if manual processing is used, it will not only waste time but also consume a lot of labor costs. Therefore, mechanical equipment must be used for dates processing. What is the dates processing technology of date powder? What kind of machinery is needed in the processing of dates powder?

dates processing plant

Date powder processing technology

The processing of dates powder is to first clean the dates, and then dry the cleaned dates. After the drying is completed, the drying is completed, and then the dates are ground. After grinding, the date powder can be obtained.

Equipment used for dates powder processing

  • Date palm cleaning machine: The date palm cleaning machine can clean the dust and impurities on the surface of the date palm.
  • Date palm dryer machine: Dry the date palm, dry it into dried date palm, and fully dehydrate the date palm.
  • Date Palm Mill: Grinding the dried dates, the thickness of the powder can be adjusted according to the needs of the machine.

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