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How To Grades Of Medjool Dates?

The dates we often see in the market and supermarkets are basically the same size, including in the market, when merchants place the dates, they are also classified according to the size.

How Dry Dates Are Produced In Dry Dates Processing Plant?

Compared with fresh dates, dried dates have higher trace elements, cellulose and calories. In general, dried dates have more nutritional value. So, how dry dates are produced in dry dates processing plant? Generally in daily life, the way we dry dates is to put the dates under the sun, dry them in the sun for a …

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Does Saudi Arabia Export Dates?

Does Saudi Arabia export dates? The country is one of the world’s largest producers of dates, with more than 33 million palm trees and 157 processing facilities, according to

How Are Medjool Dates Processing And Pitted?

In the processing of Medjool dates pitted is an important process. Whether it is processed into date paste, date powder, or date pulp, the pits of dates must be removed before subsequent grinding. Do you want to know how are Medjool dates processing and pitted?

How Are Dates Processed With Dates Processing Method?

Date palm is a kind of nutritious fruit rich in vitamins and protein and mineral elements. It is also rich in fructose, but because its own fructose glycemic index is relatively low, it can be used for diabetics without worrying about it